Branding Process

We Build Powerful Brands

At Core, we help clients reach the full value of their brand through...

•  Distinction - unique market positioning above and beyond the competition

•  Connection - brand messaging and elements that reach and resonate with customers

•  Visibility - creative, dynamic communication tools to express your brand personality

What is the Benefit of Market Research?

A Snapshot of How Customers Think

Take a moment and walk in your customer’s shoes. Whether you have stand-alone product or a sub-brand within a large company, you must look at the world from the customer’s point of view. At Core, our branding process includes proprietary qualitative research methodologies used to establish the brand’s strategic groundwork. Core specializes in capturing the consumer’s insight, feelings and perceptions through efficient studies to help you become externally-driven.

Why is Brand Assessment & Strategy Critical?

To Manage Your Brand’s Experience

If you do not clearly define your brand, customers will define it for you. It is critical to strategically shape the aspects of your brand and mindfully deliver them to the consumer. At Core, we begin by determining your brand’s marketspace, strategic approach and opportunities. We then develop Brand Positioning Pillars & Proof Points as the foundation to lock your strategy in place and establish your clear voice. We identify how, when, where and in what way to reach out to your consumers.

How Is Your Brand Expressed?

Positively, Emotionally and Effectively

What is experienced, is remembered. A brand must resonate emotionally with customers and create positive experiences across every touchpoint. Our creative team has built, constructed and revitalized leading brands using a variety of traditional and non-traditional branding elements. We incorporate creative vision and powerful design tools and tactics to help your brand get seen, noticed and lead the category.

Do You Have Internal Brand Ambassadors?

Create A Unified Brand Voice

It is essential to get everyone in the company on the same page and aligned with the company’s agreed vision and goals. We utilize the current best practice techniques, to help staff members understand, share and deliver one powerful branded message. At Core, we use the brand to create internal alignment and inspire positive behavior and results.

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